About us

We appreciate great people by narrating their stories in a way that inspires others to greater achievements.

Our Story

In 2013, during the infamous ASUU strike that lasted for five months, two fresh graduates, Chima and Uju, and a graduate student of Nnamdi Azikiwe Uniiversity, Michael, whose programme was affected by the strike, took to senior secondary schools in Imo state, with a book in hand: The Original Man, to tell students the truth about life in the university and the need that they choose who they want to be (Their Identity) early or the vortexes of campus life choose for them.

Six years later, Michael still troubled that the young do not yet have the actual information on what the route to success is about, initiated Identity to relate in true stories the life journey of great achievers, and to use this story to educate young minds into great deeds.

Our Goal​

We are building Identity as a non-profit social business. We think our greatest achievers are not being recognized, and that there is not enough true life story to inspire others to great deeds. So, we seek to appreciate our greatest achievers by making an inspiring story of their life journey, and to use this story to prod the younger generation to great actions.

Our Vision​

Have you thought of how amazing it would be for your great grand children to have a story reference from you of who you are? How will you feel if you had a book of the life story of your grandfather?

Our life is made short, less memorable and poor by time and space.

It is our desire to bridge the limitation in time and space with the art of storytelling.

With a life story written in identity-brief, we hope to appreciate and keep our greatest minds with us far longer than life on earth permits, and to inspire the younger generation with their story.

Our Objectives​

Life is not easy and does not always happen in a friendly way. But so many people have gone through it successfully; their siblings, parents, children and friends do not know what it took them.

We want to help these people tell their story in a form that it inspires.

We want to initiate a culture that appreciates our great achievers.

We want to use storytelling to provide learning by acquaintance to the young.

We want to champion a healthy sense of the other, and change the quick-money narrative by extolling process.



We hold an interview with our great achiever wherein we listen, take notes, and record as s/he tells his life story; either story of his professional life or personal life. For a particular project with an individual, the interview is held four times.

Identity Stories

After the interview, we will write his/her story in the first person, like a self-written life story meant to educate by acquaintance (Edu-biography). We will add lessons to be learned as a head note in the second person, just as in a review.

Handbook or Magazine production

We will then produce the Identity-brief as a hand-book or ‘magazine.’ It serves as souvenir and handy tool for mentorship.

Mentorship Program in school

20 per cent of what we make from the project is used to organize a mentorship program in a senior secondary school or University of the client’s choice. Wherein his/her story is used to inspire students to great deeds, and s/he comes live to discuss his life story with students.


In line with relaying Individuals life Identity through stories, we ..

Offer trainings on entrepreneurship culture.

We do this by relaying the thought and life pattern of entrepreneurs.


We consult for Agencies/Schools and bring for mentorship any achiever they wish to hear his/her life

We write ‘Edu-biography’ for achievers who wish to be remembered with the art of story telling.

Our Team

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