Why 90% Of Small Businesses In Nigeria Will Not Succeed

This is how it happened.

I gave him (Graphic Designer) money for few copies of the book.

I didn’t get the books when we agreed so I called him.

He said it was ready, that I should come and collect them.

I went and I didn’t see him. I called him; he said he was not around that he would bring them to me.

I waited for another one week but I didn’t see him.

I called again; he said he was sick, that I should come two days later to collect the books.

I went two days later but I didn’t see him. I called him; he said he was still sick that I should come on Monday.

I went on Monday and he wasn’t there.

He said he went for an outside job, that he would bring them to my house.

Another one week passed I didn’t get the books.

I called him again. He said he would come.

Yet another one week passed and I didn’t see him.

Monday, I went to collect them and met him. He said the person that printed the books wasn’t around.

I threatened to lock him up. I reported him to his Boss.

His Boss asked him, he said the books were ready but the person that printed them wasn’t around.

His boss took the number he brought and called the printer. He told him to come and take a job, so he appeared. He asked him about the books. He said he was still doing the work.

We agreed to go see where he (the printer) was doing them.

On our way, he said he was sorry, that he wasn’t doing any work, that he didn’t collect any such work.

His (the Graphic Designer) Boss became angry that he lied to him.

He told him to bring the money I gave him.

He accepted and said we should let him go withdraw the money.

We accepted, but followed him to a nearby POS. His Boss accepted to pay the charges for the withdrawal, and paid up front.

The POS guy was already counting money to give him when the slip came out written insufficient fund.


The POS guy was infuriated, wondering if he wanted to dupe him too.

He is a young graphic designer, a small business owner, and he wants to grow.


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