How To Create Abundance And Make A Lot Of Money

Do not be angry if you do not like how your life is right now.

Rather than get angry tell yourself “what I got is what I created for myself.”

It is a heavy pill but swallow it, your terrible finances now is caused by you and you alone.

Do not tell me Nigeria is this or that. We know all those already. What we are interested in now is for you to be financially ok even if Nigeria is dead.  

So take responsibility, after you have done this, draw a plan to create wealth for yourself.

I mean, plan to create your own wealth.

One way I know you can do this is:

1. Focus your mind not on money, but on what will give you money.

2. Concentrate on that and do not be distracted by calls of quick money from anyone. Do not even accept free money.

3. Start doing that which will give you money. Start it, no matter how small. Be consistent and persistent.

4. It will take time because you are creating a life of abundance for your future, not just quick cash games.

5. You will know you are doing it right if the small gains at the early stage still give you fulfilment and fuel your passion to continue.

6.  Chat this number – 07038180357 – on WhatsApp to get our business handbook for startups.

7. Pray to whatever you believe in. I believe in God and I believe He is a Being of limitless wealth.

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  1. Kizito

    Absolutely correct. We get rich first time creating a rich mindset, focusing our minds on the vision of our desired future and having a deep faith that whatever you do will eventually bring you prosperity.

    1. Michael Ogbaegbe

      Thank you sir. You gave us a powerful summery.

  2. Christy ozor

    This is great..thank u sir, u keep inspiring me..

    1. Michael Ogbaegbe

      We work to inspire you because we love you.

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