Life is of the Essence

“Life in Nigeria is equivalent to being in hell,” that was what they were arguing about.

As a Nigerian born in Nigeria to spend your entire life in Nigeria, and not at the least, visit any first world country is to spend your life without any experience of what God wishes life to be. Those were the Richman’s words to a young barrister who is building a prudent life in the country. And to me, those words are faulty.

This is true: that bad leadership and false identity have made life in Nigeria burdensome: as it relates to our material well-being.

This also is true: that good leadership and uprightness, plus sincerity of purpose, have engineered life of material comfort for many in the first world countries. But it will amount to deception to create a scene that suggests that God is punishing someone by keeping him/her in Nigeria, or by denying them access to certain things that translate to great comfort for the body.

For this is true, life is complete in every human being wherever he or she is. The fullness of life as given by God to man can be found by Peterside whose entire life is being spent at the deepest part of Bayelsa, and by Sonia whose life is being spent at the luxury of Zurich, Switzerland.

All you need to lead a joyful and fulfilled life are within you. They are not part of the exclusives found only around the beauty of the Vatican City or the luxury of New-York city

I will not fault the belief of the Richman that life is ‘sweet’ when lived in luxury, riches and power. But I must say that joy in life is not dependent on these luxuries.

There is joy in a life lived in contentment. There is joy in a life that appreciates being alive and being healthy, which is the foundation of being wealthy.

There is joy in the life of that village woman, and the life of the village palm-wine tapper.

Gratitude, simplicity and graciousness are the ultimate life there is. These virtues can be found in the life of one in New-York City and another in lkpa-nkume Arondizuogu, Nigeria.


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