Billionaire Mindset – The Story of a Young Millionaire Nigerian

I met with David on a luxury train ride to Kaduna. He got the last ticket to the luxury department of the train, and even more providentially, his seat was just opposite mine, separated by a lavish table that was meant to make us get a feel of what we paid for.

After a while, the conversation started. David was going to Kaduna for yet another business appointment. But what made it a memory for him was that it was his first-ever trip to the state. It is not as if he doesn’t travel. In fact, on the contrary, that trip to Kaduna completed his tour to the 36 States of the federation.

And it is just not about Nigeria, but our continent and the world.

David practically ran away from home when he was aged 12 when his mother died, and since then he has been to virtually everywhere, leveraging on one singular opportunity by the Chinese people.

The funny part of his life is that he is yet another billionaire with that tag “dropped out of college” with the likes of Zuckerberg, Gates, Rockefeller, Page etc.

Let’s leave this life journey for another day and drive straight to David’s billionaire mindset.

We were discussing inside a very cosy eatery, at the highbrow part of Abuja, when David made that revealing statement. And I must tell you, this singular statement is why David is a millionaire today; why he is another Western dollar billionaire of African descent.

He said, “Michael, to make money in Africa is easy.”

And dear reader, this is just the mindset you need to make it where you are now.

I know it won’t just happen. You won’t wake up one morning and start saying those and meaning it.

And it is not just about saying it, but you have to mean it, you have to believe it.

I was looking at David’s eyes when he said it, and I knew at the instant that that was the secret. David is a millionaire because he believed making money in Africa is not just possible, but it is easier. And as he talked I saw that billionaire mindset.

If you think I write well, it is because I read Chinua Achebe There Was a Country six years ago and instantly believed that an African can be the best storyteller in the world.

Prof. Achebe gave me reasons to believe so, and since then I have worked hard to be that African.

You just have to believe that it is possible, and like David, that it is easy. This is the mindset that will open your inner eyes to several money-making opportunities around you. And because you believed it is easy, you will go grabbing that money with ease.

But first, develop this billionaire mindset.

Do you want to meet David?

He is in Canada now.


  1. Niza Val

    Our mentality is the crux of everything we ever think to be. This re emphasizes the saying, “As a man thinketh in his heart so is he.”

  2. Michael

    I read this again today, it has not stopped instructing me.

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