This is a project of Identity Stories whereby individuals use their life journey stories to impact and inspire others.

We call these people CEOs because they could lay charge over a particular aspect of their life; either their personal life or career life, their finances or relationship.

They got to this level through a process that means hard work; they met failure, they met success.

This process of growth, which we believe is what made them who they are, is what we wish they share with the rest of us.

We use our platform – Identity Stories – to bring these CEOs together. We interview them to know which story of their personal life or career life they would love to mentor others with.

We write their profile, and with their story draw a theme for every one of the CEOs.

Their stories we believe are that one powerful tool that can instil hope and courage, and multiply success.


1. Identity Stories hosts public events wherein CEOs discuss their stories and inspire others.

2. We schedule mentorship sessions between our partner CEOs and private or public businesses, organizations, agencies, schools and churches.

3. We publish on our blog and magazine inspiring stories of our partner CEOs.

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