This is the last part of our story last week. If you have not read that one, please do to connect with this easily.

Toni said, Mike, you want to know how it has been since I reconnected with Gloria? We have been making love.

He continued, we all need to note this, Sex is not love. It is simply not, especially to women. Men always think they are the ones taking advantage of a lady at sex, but it’s not so. Women are more naturally wired to have mindless sex. A lady can be having sex with you while thinking about the real guy she loves. She is not the tool, you are.

I will be straight, since we came back together we have not had sex. But we have shared everything we have with each other including our body.

I now know Gloria loves me enough to willingly give me her body. She has offered me everything she had, except for her money. So I’m not in doubt if I could get sex with her.

One thing we seem not to know is, unfortunately, now, women seem to value money more than their body.

So the first proof you need to know if you are really into that girl might not be if she is willing to give you sex, but if she is willing to sacrifice her love for money to keep you.

Toni continued, I have enjoyed love with Gloria, something more than sex.

And as they say, one thing love does is that it keeps communicating. We have talked about virtually everything, deep things that have become our little secret. It was her secret before, but now it is our secret. We shared it in love, and it is liberating.

A priest was once preaching in a Church in Awka Anambra State and said that the only thing special and peculiar about marriage is Companionship.

He said companionship is just that one thing married couples get which no single man or woman or priest can get.

Companionship: being able to have another human being who shares completely without reserve all your worries and anxieties, happiness and joy.

This is what makes marriage what it is, not sex.

Sex is everywhere. It is not exclusive to marriage. What is exclusive to marriage is companionship. But unfortunately, companionship is one thing young people neglect today while talking marriage; they keep talking about sex, money and children.

But the fact is, without Companionship nothing is special in your marriage. You are just like any single man. The difference is that you are in this partnership with a woman to keep a house warm, not to keep your life warm.

This is what Gloria said to me:

Toni, the truth is that even if you leave me now I’m not going back to my old life of wanton sex. You have liberated me. I can now feel my soul.

I used to be ready for marriage. I used to be willing to settle with any man who tested right at sex. Because I believed that if a man cannot do it real hard and satisfy me sexually then we cannot be together.

I lost all emotional connection to one wonderful guy I met just because he wasn’t hard at sex. You can imagine my criteria for choosing a life partner.

But everything is different now. I now know love is possible. I now know what to look out for. But first, l need to get me fully back.

So, Mike, Toni said, that’s all I have for you and your people.

Please tell our ladies there is something more, much more than sex in relationships and marriage.

Sex is sweet, very sweet at the moment, but that’s just it. It will never keep you happy, it will not bring you joy.

Deep personal awareness, purpose-driven life, and a relationship with a companion will keep you happy in life.

We should think love, not just sex.


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