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Telling Life Stories That Inspire

What We Do

We help people write/tell their life journey as an inspiring story. ​

To What Effect

To appreciate and recognize our greatest achievers, and inspire our budding ambitions; all for the personality growth

                Why Is This Necessary

There is nothing in the world more powerful than a good story. So we harness this powerful tool to recognize, appreciate and immortalize our greatest achievers, and to inspire our youths to greatness.


Why You Should Tell Your Story

  Abraham Lincoln said, “if you want your name to be remembered after your death either do something worth writing about or write something worth reading.” The only way you can immortalize your life and leave a reference for family and people who seek to know you is by Art. And the greatest of arts is a good story.

Why You Should Choose Identity

  • Inspiring-

    we have been equipped to write your story in a way that it educates and inspires your readers.
  • Innovative-

    far from what you get from biographers, we present your life journey in descriptive-story-briefs that makes it very interesting and sweet to read, and comes handy as a tool for mentorship. With this you become an inspiration to people you have never met or seen, they learn from you by acquainting to your story.
  • Humanitarian-

    Identity was conceived as a social entrepreneurship, so we are not for profit. 20 percent of what we earn goes to our mentorship program in schools. This program completes the circle of a particular project.


Building Family Identity With Story Telling

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Olanrewaju Osho: Telling my life stories has drawn me to a radical examination of my life - I think this is the route to a more fulfilling life.

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Tope Fasua:
Nothing but life stories are more likely to lead the young to a life of purpose... this is what mentorship is all about.

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Dr. Bala Mohammed: Telling our life stories to inspire the young is what we should be doing and supporting now.

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